Donald Sterling now claims he made a mistake and that he wants forgiveness.

He’s lying on both counts.

Donald Sterling didn’t make a mistake.
A mistake is something minor; something about which you can say, “Oops,” and everyone laughs.  Donald Sterling thinks and said some horrible, atrocious, demeaning things.  Donald Sterling wants to minimize the nature of what he said by calling his thoughts and words “mistakes.”  No, they’re much worse.  And the debt owed is much greater.

Donald Sterling doesn’t want forgiveness.
He want to get off with a free pass.  He wants to be let off the hook.  He wants no consequences.  That’s not “forgiveness,” that’s a free opportunity to stay in the same position to do the same things.

And he wants to have to make no amends or to be the one who decides what amends are called for.  The NBA has already determined the amends required.

Three year old kids might be given a free pass one time when they confess and promise never to be bad again.  Or when their excuse is that someone dared them to do it or baited them.  But adults don’t get forgiven their debts and simply walk away.  We hold them to a higher standard and we have consequences for crimes.

I wonder how many debts Donald Sterling forgave his tenants for as he amassed his millions.

There’s a big difference between forgiveness and no consequences.  And sneaky bullies always try to confuse us by saying those words mean the same thing and there should be no consequences or amends for what they’ve done.  And we should give them the same opportunity to harass, abuse and bully us again.

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