How to Stop Cyberbullying - For Teens

Hire Dr. Ben to get the personal coaching you need to learn to protect yourself from cyberbullying.

You may know enough to avoid porno sites, phishers, spammers, sexting and giving away personal information online, but there’s a lot more to learn.

  • Do you know how to decrease the chances you’ll become a target for cyberbullying or intimidating social network “drama”?
  • Do you know what information or comments can be deleted and what’s permanent?
  • Do you know what to ignore and when it’s dangerous to ignore angry attacks?
  • Do you know how to respond best to stop the drama and the cliques?
  • Do you know who can help before problems get out of hand and who are the worst people to turn to?
  • Do you know what will sabotage your chances of getting a good job or getting into college?

You may be a target. Don’t become a victim.

See Dr. Ben on the Verizon web site: “When does rude cross the line, online?”

The best way to stop cyberbullying is to hire Dr. Ben for personalized coaching.

  • Develop the strength, courage, will and determination to withstand social drama or attacks from predators.
  • Develop the confidence and self-esteem you need so you don’t get isolated, depressed or suicidal.
  • Develop a plan and master the skills needed to defend yourself from cyberbullies.