How to Know if You’re Being Bullied at Home

Fill out this online form and check all those which apply. Add any other behaviors you question. Click "Submit"  and send it to Dr. Ben or print it out and call him at 877-8BULLIES (877-828-5543) for your free diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Overt harassment, bullying and abuse?
Physical violence including grabbing and pushing? Threats of violence to you, the children, your property, prized possessions or pets?
Seven early warning signs of sneaky, manipulative, critical, righteous, controlling Stealth Bullies:
They make the rules; they control everything
…what you can do, where you can go, who you can be friends with? They know better? They talk you out of your feelings?
They push boundaries and argue endlessly?
They withhold approval and love if you don’t do what they want? You give up because most things aren’t worth the fight?
Their standards rule?
Your "no" isn't accepted as "no;" the Stealth Bully is always right and you’re always wrong? The Stealth Bully never apologizes? The Stealth Bully’s sense of humor is right and they aren’t abusing you, you’re merely too sensitive? Your issues generally don't get dealt with, the Stealth Bully’s are more important?
They control you with their disapproval, name-calling, demeaning putdowns, blame and guilt?
No matter what you do; you’re wrong or not good enough? You think your job is to please them so you’ll have a moment’s peace?
You’re afraid you’ll trigger a violent rage?
They control you with their hyper-sensitive, hurt feelings which lead to threats, explosions or “The Loud Silent Treatment?” You walk on eggshells? You’re told that you’re to blame if the Stealth Bully is angry? You feel emotionally blackmailed, intimidated and drained? They promise to change but soon revert?
You’re told you’re fat, ugly, poorly dressed, incompetent and helpless?
You wouldn’t be able to survive without the Stealth Bully?
They isolate you?
You’re not allowed to see other people, even your family and friends? They check your phone and computer? They’re insanely jealous and it’s your fault?
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