How to Stop Cyberbullying - For Parents

Hire Dr. Ben to get the personal coaching you need to protect your children from cyberbullying.

Learn how to protect your children from intimidation and cyberbullies online and through their phones. You don’t need to be technologically gifted to learn:

  • What to do to prevent trouble before it starts. What your children need to know beyond porno sites, phishers, spammers, sexting and giving away personal information online.
  • How to give your children the courage, strength and resilience they’ll need so they don’t take attacks to heart or become the next victim of cyberbullying-caused suicide.
  • What your children are doing online and on their phones.
  • How to protect your children from cyberbullying that occurs on social networks and through cell phones.
  • How to respond rapidly and effectively after your children are attacked, including when and how to get the police involved.
  • What you can do to make sure your school officials protect your children – even if they don’t want to take action.

Your children may be targets. Don’t let them become victims.

See Dr. Ben on the Verizon web site: “Is your child being cyber bullied?

The best way to stop cyberbullies is to hire Dr. Ben for personalized coaching.

  • Develop the strength, courage, will and determination to withstand attacks from internet predators.
  • Develop a plan and master the skills needed to defend your family from cyberbullies.