Parenting - How to Stop School Administrators Who Won’t Protect your Kids

Hire Dr. Ben to get the personal coaching you need to develop the courage, strength, determination and skills you need to make reluctant school officials protect your children.

School administrators are often reluctant to get involved in protecting targets of bullying. Some even protect the bullies. They’re part of the problem that converts targeted kids into suicides.

Don’t let reluctant, lazy, cowardly or incompetent school officials turn your children into victims. Rarely is bullying an isolated incident. Usually bullying is a pervasive pattern because bullies know they have the real power and immunity at school.


  • How to support the efforts of good administrators who want to protect kids from bullying.
  • How to rally other parents to force reluctant administrators to create effective anti-bullying programs and to enforce codes of good conduct.
  • What administrators are most afraid of and how to motivate or even force reluctant officials to take effective action to protect your children, even if bullying is occurring off campus.
  • How to change any beliefs and rules that stand in the way of your being an effective force for your children and teens.

Don’t let politeness, naivety or ignorance keep you from protecting your children

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The best way to help your child prevent bullying is to hire Dr. Ben for personalized coaching so you can be a successful parent.
  • Overcome your hesitation so you can be effective even against a large and powerful system.
  • Learn how to make reluctant school officials protect your children.