“Finally, a ‘how-to’ guide to stand up to bullies at work, at home and in the neighborhood.”

Ed Tate, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking

“Ben Leichtling was a big hit at our recent conference. His message gets right to the point. I heard from attendees that he has given them the courage to handle the tough situations that they encounter and do what they need to do as leaders in their organizations."

–Ellen Caruso, Executive Director

“You've found the secrets. Your real-world examples and practical, step by step instructions are awesome. I wish I had seen this book years ago. This could have helped me with a boss early in my career.”

Marcia McGilley, Author, Help and Hope for Those with Cancer

“We would not have succeeded with just an assessment and presentation of a plan. Ben designed a course of action specifically for our situation, and then stayed to consult and coach us so we could respond effectively to issues and problems as they arose.

“Ben worked well with everyone including the Board of Trustees, senior staff, managers and employees at all levels. He was uncanny in his predictions of what would happen and helping us design practical, real-world strategies to respond effectively. Ben and I formed a strong bond of partnership enabling us to discuss issues openly.

“In the end, he helped us turn around employee attitudes and morale in order to create a winning workplace. He coached us in developing our perseverance, resilience and flexibility through some trying times. He helped us remain stable, calm and firm in order to convert crises into speed-bumps. During stressful situations, he helped keep us steady and on-course. In order to develop buy-in, motivation and hope, he told us memorable stories and helped us develop our own. We learned to celebrate our steps of progress along the way.

“I highly recommend Ben as a management consultant with unique and effective coaching skills and techniques that help build strong teams.”

–Jon Walker, Executive Director

“Your books are full of real-life examples that anyone can relate to. I love how there are quotes sprinkled throughout. Dr. Leichtling has written about something that is timeless. Other great minds have also thought these things. Sit down with this book. You might see yourself or someone you love, and it would be worth your time!”

Christie Ward, Principal, the Impact Institute

“In terms of strengthening my own leadership capabilities, discussions with Dr. Ben Leichtling have always proven beneficial. His business coaching has been invaluable, as my company has gone from almost nothing in executive search fees collected in its first year to over five million dollars only a few years later. There have been many people who have helped me along the way, but as a friend and an advisor, Ben ranks right at the top.”

–Ray Bedingfield, President, Woodmoor Group, Inc.

“Your quote ‘history is not destiny’ is so empowering. We don't have to continue on the same path and do things the same way. You speak loud and clear to all of the choices we really do have.”

Diane Sieg, Author, Stop Living Life Like an Emergency!

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not have saved my company without your support. I can't say how much I appreciate your coaching and guidance. I truly appreciate your help. Your Electromagnetic Leadership restored my sanity and saved my business.”

–Tom Cave, Company President, Entrepreneur

“Since the Professional Development Workshop I have had inquiries from individuals who were unable to attend, hoping at least to get a copy of the workbook used because the "buzz" was that this was a workshop you were sorry you missed. Your down-to-earth approach in identifying and resolving our frustrations and challenges was refreshing. Participants were overwhelmingly in favor of recommending this workshop to their friends and colleagues. You renewed my outlook on the workplace and provided one of the most outstanding and helpful workshops I've attended.”

–Michelle Curtis, Association Chairperson

“Ben, you are wonderful. I want you to know how much I appreciate your guidance and support. I knew when we met last spring that you were the one who could help me accomplish what was needed here. The feedback has been consistent and positive. The "thank you's" are sincere and the energy is unmatched. Everyone has commented that you were great. I am so proud of this team, and they're proud of each other.

“I also look forward to the next steps. I'm excited about the work we're doing in preparation for the budget presentation. We have a common goal and focus. Thank you for helping us get there.”

–Zaneta Johns, Director of Human Resources

“Thank you again, Ben for your wonderful ACEC graduation speech. You delivered great words of wisdom and great advice. Thanks for contributing to the festivities of the day. You are terrific to work with. I appreciate your great presentation.”

–Nancy Whitsel, Owner, Performance Resources Consulting,
Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Trainer

“I had thought I couldn't learn from people in different circumstances. But your case studies freed me from a lot of old restraints and opened up possibilities I hadn't thought of before. Remembering your stories helped me when I hesitated and almost gave up. They were crucial to my success.”

–Name withheld

“Wait a minute, Ben, why don't you give names in some of your testimonials?” Simple: these fans have used my methods in their personal lives. Many of them have taken advantage of my personalized coaching programs. They keep their personal lives private. They focus on living glorious lives. They don't waste time bragging, opening old wounds or perpetuating old fights.

“Your real-world examples and practical, step by step instructions helped us teach our daughter how to stand up to a school bully. She adjusted to what the bully tried, and it worked like miracle. The bully backed down and became our daughter's protector. Our daughter now feels strong and self-assured. Even her grades have gotten better.

“The biggest surprise was that we could apply your system to our teenage son, who was bullying us. He's become the polite, respectful person I always knew he could be. He's even gotten new friends. Thank you, thank you.”

–Name withheld

“I grew up bullied and have been in abusive relationships all my life. I thought I'd be stuck, going from one bully to another, forever. With your program, it really clicked. I wouldn't get free if I kept doing what I had been doing and merely wished, real hard, that it would eventually work.

“I was surprised how easily I could apply your techniques—immediately. It brought out my power and skill. Now I feel healthy, live in a healthy environment and have the kind of love and friends I've always wanted. Your system did more for me than years of therapy had.”

–Name withheld

“Just before developing my own action plan near the end of the Bullies Be Gone system I decided to go back to the beginning to make sure I hadn't missed anything. It was a revelation. Because I had learned so much the first time through, I saw much more this time and was able to develop a much more effective plan.

“Now I see why I used to be so hurt by the bullies at work, but not anymore. I've given up trying to be liked by everybody, including jerks I don't even like or respect. Now I seek out only good, quality people as friends, allies and counselors. They've really helped me become successful.

“Even though I had been using the system to focus on bullies at work, the biggest revelation was to see that I have been letting my husband bully me for the whole 19 years we've been married. I felt bad the whole time, but I could never put my finger on exactly why I was feeling that way. I minimized what he was doing. He could always talk me into doing what he wanted and made me feel that things were my fault.

“I wish I had read the bullies system 20 years ago; it would have saved me from wasting so much of my life.”

–Name withheld

“I was amazed. During 16 years of marriage, my husband had become someone I didn't like. But after I followed Dr. Leichtling's Personal Ecology Strategy, I recovered my strength and energy, and he has finally become the man I married.

“Of course, I had to practice, but now that I use Dr. Ben's methods naturally, I can get what I need faster, easier and much more often. My husband and children have begun to respect me and think of my needs, too. I feel like I've finally taken charge of my life. I wish I had seen Dr. Ben years ago.”

–Name withheld

“You're absolutely right. I used to bully myself using my mother's voice. She and her friends had always disapproved of me. I used to try to please them even though I hated them and also me for being a coward. I had left home a long time ago, but I had still carried them with me in my head. I wasn't protecting my Personal Ecology from my own memories and old rules.

“You helped me get them out of my head. I finally grew a backbone and got free from my old ghosts. Using the Shrine Exercise, I cleared everyone out of my head so I could get my life back. Their voices no longer haunt me. I was surprised, because now I can stand being with my mother. Her opinions don't bother me anymore.”

–Name withheld