Taking feedback well and using it to improve your performance is important.

But recognizing relentless criticism meant to destroy you and responding appropriately is equally important.

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Don’t let relentless critics drive you down

For example, Tom hired three top people for his team of 10.  Within a week, they began questioning all Tom’s decisions and even his suggestions.  The relentless criticism was led by John, the senior of the three people, and took place both in one-to-one interactions and in team meetings.

Led by John, the questioning shifted from demeaning, innocuous cuts to open criticism of his capabilities, track record and leadership style.  Every small mistake was magnified into a major setback.  Tom was subjected to continual and personal negativity, harassment, bullying and abuse.  Overall team performance suffered.

Still, Tom accepted all this with good grace.  He wanted to be a better manager and he wanted his staff to think of him as a nice guy – open and considerate.

As the criticism grew, Tom’s self-doubt grew while his confidence and self-esteem plummeted.  How could he have thought he was so competent when so many other people had their doubts about him?  He must have been really lucky to have succeeded all those years despite his now-glaring faults.

When Tom hadn’t responded effectively to the first round of attacks, John and his allies had become bolder.  The more John allowed himself to be pushed, the more they pushed his boundaries.

Why had people joined John?  Most people try to figure out the rules of the road wherever they are.  They try to fit in with whoever seems to have the power.

When there’s a power vacuum, as Tom had allowed, someone will move in to claim the territory.  For the betterment of the whole team, don’t allow the most nasty, selfish, manipulative people to claim the power.

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