Some managers, even experienced ones, have mastered methods that destroy teamwork.  They may think they’re doing what they’re supposed to or what worked to get them promoted, so they’re surprised when the effects are disastrous.

Are you practicing these techniques?

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Stop Bullying and other Surefire Methods for Undermining Teamwork

Bullying and other Surefire Methods for Undermining Teamwork,

  1. Be concerned most with your power and prestige.  Take credit for all successes, regularly sabotage or throw your people to the wolves.  Insist on flattery, play favorites and replace the “Golden Boy/Girl” often.
  2. Practice bullying.  Expect failure, be demanding, disappointed, defensive and difficult, take everything personally, make personal attacks, throw tantrums, never apologize or do so only with cheap treats.
  3. Create chaos.  Be moody, changeable, indecisive, unfair, make decisions for no apparent reason, give contradictory orders, change priorities often but don’t tell anyone.  Withhold approval, scatter employees’ efforts, assign tasks that emphasize their dislikes and weaknesses.
  4. Keep employees in the dark.  Have everything go through you, expect people to read your mind, tell each worker a different story, don’t define appropriate responsibility, authority and accountability procedures, assign responsibility without authority or resources.
  5. Create suspicion, distrust and fear.  Encourage employees to disparage each other and their superiors, broadcast their comments, run them down behind their backs, complain about them to your superiors, reveal confidential material, stimulate gossip, make some up yourself, focus on personal attacks not problem-solving.  Be negative.  Reward passive-aggressive behavior.
  6. Lower standards.  Assume all employees are incompetent, micromanage, pay attention only to unimportant details, reward non-productive employees first, overload your most productive people.
  7. Waste employees’ time.  Tell rambling personal stories just before deadlines, harangue about religion and politics, invent busy work, emphasize cover-your-butt activities.
  8. Be cold, indifferent and ignore feelings.  Demand “professionalism” but never say, “Please” or “Thank you.”
  9. Be unavailable.  Don’t listen to suggestions or complaints.  Use meeting time for personal calls or grooming.
  10. Be a martyr.  Never delegate, do everything yourself, blame employees for not volunteering or appreciating you.
  11. Don’t praise.  Always find fault with something, focus on what’s undone or not perfect, thwart efforts to do a good job, ridicule training, block advancement.
  12. Put stockholders before customers or employees.  Be greedy, loot company assets.

You’re being successful when morale and productivity plummet, and stress, anger, fights, pilfering, absenteeism, personal and sick leave and turnover increase. Enjoy!

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