I use the image of an electromagnet to describe the best leaders in the workplace.  What are the properties of an electromagnet?

  1. The more energy we put into it, the stronger the magnetic field to align al the other electromagnets.
  2. Like all magnets, some other electromagnets will be repelled – people with low attitudes (bullies, whiners, narcissists) and/or poor productivity (slackers).
  3. Like all magnets, some other electromagnets will be attracted – great people (go-getters with high energy, wonderful attitudes and high productivity).

Now, what does that mean and how to put it into effect?

To read the rest of this article from the Denver Business Journal, see:
Be an Electromagnetic Leader: Repel Bullies and Slackers, Attract Great Performers http://denver.bizjournals.com/denver/stories/2000/01/17/smallb5.html

“Electromagnetic Leadership” rallies, aligns and focuses your own energy and the efforts of all the people around you

Why “Electromagnetic?”  We’re all like electromagnets, creating our own directions and responding to the magnetic fields of those around us.  The more electricity we put into an electromagnet, the stronger the magnetic field.  The stronger the magnetic field, the stronger the force that attracts and aligns, or repels (where appropriate).

Can you be that powerful?  Yes.  It’s a combination of your passion, dedication and drive; your insistence that everything, from top to bottom, be done up to your standards; the power of your vision, mission and commitment.

You don’t have to be loud, arrogant or pushy in order to have a powerful effect.  You do have to be determined, persevering, resilient and flexible.

Your culture – your standards, methods and systems – is a result of your energy; of what behavior you require.
The more powerful the electromagnetic field you create, the more the other leaders, managers and employees must become enthusiastically aligned and unswervingly committed, or else leave.

That means you must enforce and reinforce your standards of productivity and professional behavior.  Stop harassment, abuse and bullying at workStop negativity, entitlements and backstabbing at work.  Success comes before personal agendas.  Require teamwork and productivity in the service of the customer and profits.

Rules and procedures are important but they’re secondary to tasks done correctly and successfully.

Systems, processes and pious phrases don’t make companies great; they’re just words on paper or wall-plaques.  They have no life or power on their own.  Even the best “Way” is neither self-perpetuating nor self-replicating.

The success of your “Way” is created by the energy of individual leaders, at all levels, who reinforce your magnetic field through organization, tools and effort.  Their determination is required to stop negativity, harassment and bullying.  Their determination is necessary to promote productivity.

If you lose these individual organizing centers or they become disoriented, your enterprise will lose alignment and soon fall apart.

Finding your "magnetic north" is only the first step.  The second step is being an electromagnetic leader.  The more your juice, the greater will be the resulting magnetism.

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