After you think you’ve seen signs that your kid might be bullied, the next step in stopping harassment and bullying at school is to get the information you need, even if your kid is reluctant to talk. You’ve observed each child individually and compared with how he/she was before.  How to stop school bullying begins with your willingness to pry, no matter how reluctant your child is to talk.

Five questions you can ask are:

  1. What’s happening?
  2. Tell me about the school bullies?
  3. How do the teachers, principal, bus drivers and cafeteria staff protect kids in your school from bullies?
  4. What happens in your school’s anti-bullying program?
  5. How do you and your friends stand up to bullies when you see other kids being teased, taunted or bullied?

Don’t be a tyrant or inquisitor, but do keep asking.

If you suspect your kid is being bullied, you can also get information by:

  1. Asking the parents of your kid’s friends.
  2. Talking to the teachers, counselors, principal, school district administrators and school board members, if you have to.

Since all tactics depend on the situation, expert coaching by phone or Skype helps.  Call me to design a plan that fits you and and your kid's situation at school.  And build your will and skill to carry it out effectively.