The first step in show to stop bullying and harassment at school is to be able to recognize the signs that your kid may be being bullied. Observe each child individually and compare with how he/she was before.

  1. Do they have physical bruises, torn clothes and “lost” or broken possessions?
  2. Have they become reluctant to go to school?  Do they want to transfer schools?
  3. Have their grades slipped?
  4. Have they stopped after-school activities?  Do they want you to pick them up after school?
  5. Have they stopped talking about school? Do they ask how you stopped bullying when you were in school?
  6. Have they become emotionally labile – very sensitive, easily upset, moody, grumpy, cry a lot?  Do they ask general or indirect questions about stopping bullies in school? Have they given up?  Do they talk about how hopeless or pointless life is or about suicide?
  7. Do they isolate themselves – no longer talk to friends, hide in their rooms after school, stop using the computer or stay on computer instead of interacting with the family?  Do they say that former friends aren’t friends any more?
  8. Have they stopped taking care of their personal stuff?
  9. Have they stopped eating or are they ravenous after school because bullies took their lunch?  Do they have trouble sleeping or have nightmares?

Next time we’ll talk about how to get the information about how to stop bullying that you need even if your kid isn’t talking.

Circle the signs that you see and contact Dr. Ben at 877-8BULIES (877-828-5543) for your free diagnosis and treatment plan to prevent school bullying and suicide.

Since all tactics depend on the situation, expert coaching by phone or Skype helps.  Call me to design a plan that fits you and your situation.  And build your will and skill to carry it out effectively.