Kate had been raised to be a good steward.  She’d get reprimanded, scorned and punished severely if she wasn’t.

She grew up frugal with money and spent hours to save every penny.  She took care of all her things and clothes, avoiding any activity that might soil or damage anything she had.  She was a good steward of everyone who wanted anything from her, always putting their wants ahead of her needs or deadlines.  She wasn’t much fun.

She woke up in middle age surrounded by grasping, greedy, needy people (bullies and narcissists); surrounded by stuff that needed huge amounts of time to take care of; worrying obsessively about small amounts of money she was hoarding for a rainy day.  She never had fun; she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been gloriously happy.

Kate woke up feeling trapped by her guilt and her duty to be a good steward as she’d understood it; wanting to run away from it all; just disappear without an address or phone number.

Kate hadn’t been a good steward of her time and energy, of her Heart’s Desire, of her Soul.
She wasn’t feeling trapped because she’d sacrificed her ego’s pleasures and gratifications.  She felt trapped because she’d paid no attention to the core of her being, her Soul.

If you haven’t felt the core of your being, your Soul, no one can explain it to you.
Kate couldn’t define that and neither can I.  But she could point to how she felt when she felt full, whole, at one with herself and God.  She could point to the activities that charged her solar batteries, that expressed her essence, that made her feel she was living the way she was supposed to.

Kate could see how she’d wasted so much time and effort taking care of things weren’t important and people who were using and abusing her.
Now she could see how to be a good steward of her life energy while doing the things that mattered most.  She simply had to clear her life of what mattered so little it wasn’t worth thinking much about.

As her focus improved, her energy and joy returned.  She felt strong enough to weed her garden.  She didn’t have to run away.

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AuthorBen Leichtling