Everyone was convinced they knew what was best for Amy and they always told her what to do.

Her father controlled her when she was growing up.  Her brother and sisters were certain they were right.  Their negativity restricted her life.  Her husband was a control-freak.  He knew what was best in everything and he criticized her relentlessly.  Eventually, her teenage children also told her she was incompetent and needed to give them what they wanted.  Even her friends gave their opinions in a way that showed they were sure they were right and she was dumb.

Amy hated herself and her life.  She felt harassed, bullied and abused.  She never trusted herself.  Her self-confidence and self-esteem were minimal.  She still had inklings about what she wanted to do and what was best for her but she never trusted herself.  She talked herself out of what she felt.

Some of those people had good intentions, some wanted to straighten her out for her own benefit, and some were simply passing along their fears, while others wanted to control her for their own reasons

How could she disagree with people who were so convinced they were right?
The breakthrough for Amy came when she realized that all those people were simply missionaries.  They didn’t think of themselves that way but their God was their own opinions.  They were zealots or mercenaries for what they though was right.

Their opinions told her about them; their opinions told her nothing about what was right or what was best for her.
Their certainty didn’t make their opinions true.  She’d never believe someone who told her they’d been taken up in a spaceship and had had 24 babies fathered by aliens.  No matter how convinced they were, that didn’t make it true or good or useful for her.

People were merely saying what they thought.  Their opinions told her how they thought, what they were afraid of and what they wanted.  Their opinions weren’t right or best and wouldn’t necessarily make her life better.  Their opinions were 100% about them.

Looking at them as missionaries, zealots or mercenaries for their own opinions helped Amy free herself.  She didn’t even feel guilt when she started going her own way.

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