Sean had a problem: parents who were still toxic even after Sean became financial and physically independent

Sean was mid-40s, happily married and with a great job that allowed her the flexibility to work and still be there for her three children.  Nevertheless here parents were still vocal and insistent about their disapproval of every detail of her life.  They still tried to force her to do what they wanted.  Now they demanded money from Sean because they couldn’t afford to live the way they wanted and still preserve their retirement funds for later.

Sean had always said, “Why me?”
She certainly hadn’t done anything to deserve such parents and such treatment.  She’d always felt persecuted; afraid to venture much because she was always looking over her shoulder waiting for the next blow, the next in a seemingly endless succession of negativity, harassment, abuse and bullying.

Sean was immediately freed when she started seeing her life in a different way.
When she saw her life as a heroic struggle to be free of oppression, she immediately felt a surge of strength and determination.  She’d never let herself be defeated.  Previously she’d thought of heroes as men, far off somewhere fighting enemies or slaying dragons.  But now she realized that her life-threatening challenge was to free herself from the attacks by her parents, who seemed never to give up.

Actually, Sean saw that she’d already struggled heroically to free herself in three very important ways.  She’d become physically and financially independent.  She’d married the man she wanted, despite her parents’ objections, and it had been a wise choice.  She and her husband were very happy about the way they were raising their children and the kids were wonderful – despite her parents’ predictions.

She’d already succeeded in what she saw as the first great struggle to create the live she wanted.
Now she faced the second great challenge on her heroic path.

She was being called upon to be even more brave and strong than before.  She felt herself irresistibly drawn to making a very clear and firm boundary for the second half of her life.  The next heroic step for her was to tell her parents to butt out or be gone from her family’s life.  Either they stopping being nasty or Sean would not allow them to get close.

She’d have to become the protector of her own kingdom and not let any dragons in – even or especially her parents.

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AuthorBen Leichtling