Donald Sterling brought shame and dishonor onto himself and his children, on his extended family and his basketball team, on his city and country.  He embarrassed himself in front of everyone.

What can Donald Sterling do to reclaim some honor and dignity?
Donald Sterling is a fighter.  He may think that courage, honor and making more money demand that he fight back. His lawyers can help him spin what he said during a contentious personal and private argument.   He knows how to harass, manipulate and bully people and the legal system.  He can get involved in protracted legal battles that will keep himself and his children in the media for a long time.

To regain what he can of his honor and dignity, I implore him not to.

Many societies have codes that specify what brings shame and dishonor to an individual and family.  And they each have ways of regaining some of that honor – for the sake of their children and grandchildren, for the sake of their legacy.

I am not encouraging Donald Sterling to commit seppuku.  That’s not the way of our culture.  But I don’t want his children walking down the street through lines of people hissing “seppuku” as a response to the shame he has bought.

Mr. Sterling, all you have to do is have the courage to respond with dignity and put the Clippers up for sale before the other owners try to force you to.  Avoid a long and odious fight, avoid the glare of publicity and shame that will spread like a blot over your family.  Avoid a fire sale.  Get an arbitrator to help set the price so you can make a huge profit on your team.  

Or try seppuku.

Act with dignity so your grandchildren will speak your name with pride.

Oh, by the way, don’t talk to the girlfriend anymore.  If you have to communicate, let your lawyers do it.  Nothing good comes from old guys getting into vicious arguments while they break up with young girlfriends.  Get a new girlfriend.

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AuthorBen Leichtling