June had grown up being taught to distrust herself.

When she was a child, she often had a strong sense when someone in her extended family was being bad to her or bullying or tormenting her; when they didn’t care about her feelings.  She’d known when she’d been hurt by their harassment, criticism or sneaky put-downs.

But her parents had told her that her relatives were nice and kind, and she was wrong when she thought what they said was nasty or she was being bullying.  She should trust their judgment, not her own.  She should be a polite, quiet, good girl and not protest or make a scene.

Years later, when she had decades of history with those people, she could see when her intuition had been accurate.  Whenever she felt a certain twist in her gut or when she involuntarily ducked her shoulders in a certain way, she’d been trying to tell herself that she was indeed being attacked or set-up to feel bad.

But she’d always repressed herself and listened to her parents.  She’d talked herself out of doing anything.  She did want to be a good girl and the price for disobeying was very high.

But now that she had children of her own, she was going to set a different example.  If those relatives wouldn’t stop when she was polite then she’d make a scene.  If they didn’t like her when she pushed back verbally, she’d remove them from her life.  When they attacked her again, she’d say to herself, “Thanks for the reminder, jerk.”  And she’d decide what to do depending on the situation.

More important than her old rules about being a nice girl and never attracting attention or making a scene were her new rules about trusting her “accurate intuition,” about protecting herself and her children, and about setting a good example for her children.

She’d rather make mistakes following her own judgment than be a slave to theirs.  When she made that decision, she felt free; as if a huge weight had been removed from her shoulders.

She was excited, thinking about teaching her children to trust the signals of their accurate intuition.

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AuthorBen Leichtling