Negotiation and compromise are required tactics when we try to deal with unhappy or squabbling employees.  But when dealing with relentless boundary pushers, these approaches amount to appeasement.

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How to handle relentless boundary pushers at work

How do you recognize relentless boundary pushers?    

  • Boundary pushers come in all sizes, shapes, sexes and levels in an organization.
  • They always have reasonable explanations for their complaints and requests.  Although each demand might seem reasonable, there is a pattern.
  • As soon as they receive anything through negotiation and compromise, they begin pushing another boundary.
  • Pushers are relentless, selfish, narcissistic bullies.  They harass people and abuse the system.
  • Pushers become unofficial power centers.

Two things should be clear:

  1. You can’t negotiate or appease relentless boundary pushers to get them to stop pushing.
  2. If you give in to their continued pushing, you’ll destroy professionalism and productivity in your team and your company.

I’d like to tell you that dealing with these boundary pushers is easy.  But it isn’t.  Boundary pushers aren’t satisfied with any exceptions you make on their behalf.  To them, it’s just an invitation to ask for more.

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