An effective strategy to find and keep the best employees at every level of your company requires that you avoid desperation and be clear about what you want, how to recognize these people and what it takes to make them and your company outstanding.  Don’t settle for harassment or bullying; for laziness or mediocrity.

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Maintain Standards to Retain the Best Employees

The most important factor for retaining the best employees is providing quality coworkers in a supportive atmosphere.

Know what you want and search until you find it.

  • Seek work ethic and desire - drive, dedication, endurance and eagerness to succeed.
  • Examine technical skills that fit the specific tasks.
  • Select personal styles that fit and complement specific tasks and teams.
  • Use probationary periods effectively.
  • Demand the willingness to defend your culture - your standards, expectations and codes of conduct and communication.
  • Keep workers who take personal responsibility for success.  Demand what’s required for success.  Provide what’s needed for success.  Reward success.  Replace employees who don’t produce success.

You can tolerate some initial mistakes from a dedicated person; don’t tolerate mistakes from a person who is lackadaisical.  Don’t give people a license to fail.  To keep the best people, give them personal rewards, surround them with competent coworkers and demand their best.

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