Some bosses habitually manage by temper tantrum, as if they think throwing fits is the best way to maintain authority or increase productivity.

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How to Stop Bullying at Work by Temper-Tantrum Bosses

Don’t put up with on-going harassment, bullying and abuse.  Take effective action.

  • Don’t be a martyr.
  •  Don’t explode.
  • Don’t repress anger.
  • Don’t try to relieve the pressure by negativity.

Here are some good choices for dealing with temper-tantrums.

  • Put up with it until retirement.
  • Fight it strategically.  Prepare to endure a long struggle.  Use the procedures and options your company has.  Make sure that coworkers see, hear and document outbursts.  Accept that there is usually a price for blowing the whistle.
  • Go be happy somewhere else.  The boss probably wants you to think that you’re so pathetic and the market is so tight, you have no other options.  Go out in style and with a safety net.  If there’s a pattern of high turnover in that boss’ unit, point out the cost of his tantrums.

If you have a lifelong pattern of tantrum-throwing bosses and/or personal relationships, do some soul searching. You probably have old, self-sabotaging beliefs and strategies.

Insist on what you want; you’ll get what you’re willing to tolerate.

If you’re a temper tantrum boss, grow up.  If you think tantrums are the only way to manage, you’re suffering from a lack of vision and creativity.  Learn to manage and exert appropriate authority humanely.

If you think that someone is forcing you to act against your will, test the assumption.  Don’t remain in an environment where fits of rage are required of you; go where you can be successful while acting decently.

Of course, there are employees who won’t respond until you get in their faces.  You still don’t have to stamp your feet and act out.  Don’t keep employees who respond only to temper tantrums.

Master yourself and stand up for your values.

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