We like to think that success will cure all our problems.  But rapid growth can create the same shock waves generated by rapid downsizing or mergers - with the same insecurity, anxiety, stress, fear and pain for individuals, and the same consequences for organizations.

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Growth and Success Can Create Problems

Even though the change is billed as success, we typically respond with our worst, habitual and off-the-cuff strategies.

Fatigue, anxiety, fear and resistance drive most behavior.  Plans are disrupted.  Productivity, creativity, response time and morale nose dive.  Staff does not detect or capitalize on opportunities.  People problems and sick leave skyrocket.

Do some of these emotions and behaviors sound like your workplace?

  • Shock, depression.  People are too numb and frozen to be productive.
  • Confusion, hesitation, insecurity, vacillation, anxiety, fear, panic.  Loss of structure and control leads to turf wars.
  • Anger, emotional volatility, blaming.
  • All-or-none thinking.
  • New employees either are unwelcome or are lured into taking sides.
  • Old contacts either are neglected or clung to for security.

Recognize the symptoms and treat the disease in its early stages.  You don’t have to be a therapist or even a people person to take simple steps to avoid critical mistakes.

You need two plans to deal with the upheavals.  Plan one is to develop and present direction, define goals, and specify organizational structure.  Plan two is to develop the human support needed to face the oncoming changes.

If you’re not knowledgeable, get help.  If you are knowledgeable, ask a wise outsider to review your ideas.  The results of your efforts can indeed be measured.  The attention and care you give your people will determine if your plan will remain just paper or be translated into effective actions.

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