Multi-tasking is necessary if we are to accomplish all we want, but when multi-tasking turns into hyper-work, all benefits are lost.  The key to multi-tasking is concentrating attention on each task in its turn.  That way we can make progress on more than five jobs each day even though we can’t focus on five things at the same time.

What’s hyper-work? Remember the white rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland” - rushing frantically from place to place, always late, always distracted, too busy to stop, listen and think.  He expends lots of effort in going nowhere, producing nothing.  Sweat doesn’t count, only results.

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Beat the Rat Race - Multi-Task, Don't Hyper-Work

Some keys to successful multi-tasking, instead of hyper-working:

  • Prioritize, manage your time.  Don’t get desperate, don’t panic.  Take a careful look at what you really have to do.
  • Focus, concentrate, pay full attention to one thing at a time.  Set aside blocks of time when you allow no calls, no disturbances.
  • Be specific about the steps you need to complete tasks.
  • Get a worthwhile life.  Hyper-work is rampant in personal life also.

White rabbits cover a lot of ground but their work has no quality and their personal life has no value.

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AuthorBen Leichtling