CEOs uniformly report that lack of skilled workers is the major barrier to growth.  The question for management is what rewards will keep productive employees.  Major complaints of staff are increasing demands coupled to decreasing compensation.

Cut costs in other areas before squeezing valuable employees.

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Seven Ways to Keep Quality Employees

Seven guidelines to keeping quality employees:

  1. Don’t pay attention to the generic bad-mouthing of Generation X employees.
  2. Don’t be cheap or loot your company at employees’ expense.
  3. Be clear about goals.
  4. Create a culture of incentive and reward.
  5. Money is an effective reward when tightly coupled to performance.
  6. Money is only one reward.
  7. Reward people who “lubricate” everyone’s efforts.

Keep weeding out the negative, bullying abusers.

It’s not the economy’s fault if you can’t treat people decently while being competitive - you’re just not being creative enough.

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