I’ve created a checklist so you can see if your workplace is a hive of low attitudes and bullying – especially by subtle, sneaky, manipulative bullies who fly below the radar.  You’ll learn to recognize tyrannical bosses, covert bullies and “professional victims,” who use their hurt feelings and righteous indignation to gain power and control.
See the checklist – How to know if you’re being bullied in sneaky ways at work.

The form is easy to fill out and send to me with a click of a button.  I’ll call you back with your free diagnosis and treatment plan.  Or you can print the form and call me directly at 877-8BULIES (877-828-5543).
The best way to stop harassment, negativity and bullying, and to retain your highest quality employees is to hire Dr. Ben for personalized coaching and organizational consulting.

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Design and implement an effective plan that eliminates the high cost of low attitudes.  To get the help you need, call Ben at 1-877-828-5543.

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