How to Stop Being Bullied by Your Teenager

Hire Dr. Ben to get the personal coaching you need to set boundaries effectively and to stop blackmail, harassment, guilt-tripping, bullying and control by your manipulative or violent teenager.

Many selfish, narcissistic and weak teenagers think:

  • Their feelings are the most important things in the world. The world owes them whatever they want in order to be happy – they’re entitled.
  • They can bully parents into submission. They can manipulate, harass and abuse parents to get what they want.
  • If they’re not convinced by their parents, they don’t have to do things they don’t want. They think parents will keep begging them to do what they want or letting them argue forever

Good parenting also requires you to say “No” and to set appropriate boundaries for your children and teens, even if they resist. Don’t wait until they’re 18 years old to start teaching them to respect and appreciate you, and to respect themselves. Learn how to:

  • Set boundaries and limits, with real consequences if they don’t participate gracefully and graciously. Just because they want something doesn’t mean they’ll get it.
  • Require them do some things whether they want to or not and that they must do these obligations willingly, pleasantly and competently in order to be worthy of rewards.
  • Teach them not to waste their time fighting with you to get what they want, but instead to struggle to get what they want against the least of them and against the world.
  • Show them they cannot allow their anger to control them. Calling you names, cursing, yelling or physical violence will get them severe consequences – even the police.

Strength of character and good behavior begin at home. Learn how to make your home “an isle of song in a sea of shouts” (Rabindranath Tagore).

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Popular culture and the media are against you. You need sound advice and individualized coaching and support. Single parents often have a harder time. But it’s not too late to take charge of the behavioral standards in your home, no matter how hard they resist at first

The best way to stop being controlled and bullied by toxic, entitled teenagers is to hire Dr. Ben for personalized coaching.

  • Develop the strength, courage, will and determination to do your best resolutely, diligently and effectively, and to set boundaries effectively.
  • Develop a plan and master the skills necessary to create a bully-free home life.