Eliminate the High Cost of Low Attitudes 3 CD set with Workbook


Eliminate the High Cost of Low Attitudes 3 CD set with Workbook


Don’t think you have a serious problem?

  • Are good employees protected from bullies, negative complainers, subtle manipulators, nitpicking control freaks, passive-aggressives, conflict avoidant managers, professional victims and jerks?
  • Are you wasting time on splinters, rotten apples and cancers—at all levels in your organization?

In this 3 CD set, complete with workbook, you’ll learn:

  • Why good, well-meaning people fail to establish high standards of professional behavior, and how organizations participate in begging, bribery and appeasement of low attitude staff at all levels.
  • How to make attitudes and professional behavior as important as deliverables.
  • The importance of the 990/10 rule and why not to “counsel” a problem employee.
  • How to weed out terminally resistant problems and turn around a culture of entitlement.
  • Methods to protect your personal ecology and create and maintain team ground rules.
  • How the right discipline increases morale and team performance.

“What is the cost of accepting low attitudes? Slow erosion of your soul.”

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